Who We Are

A Virtual Networking and Research Collaboration Initiative in Cardiac Oncology

Multidisciplinary collaboration is invaluable in the treatment and management of cancer patients. The Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network was established to facilitate collaboration among health care professionals interested in the emerging field of cardiac oncology.



  • To optimize cardiac care for cancer patients receiving potentially cardiotoxic therapies.


  1. Gain a better understanding of cardiac complications related to cancer treatments
  2. Develop early detection and intervention strategies to optimize cardiac health
  3. Optimize patient outcomes by collaborating with allied healthcare professionals

A Message from Dr. Brezden-Masley

Welcome to the Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network! I hope you find this cardiac oncology virtual network helpful. We have made great strides in the treatment of cancer over the last decade. An increasing number of individuals are surviving a cancer diagnosis with the expectation of experiencing a good quality of life.

Some cancer therapies however, may have a negative effect on the heart. It is important that health care providers learn how to identify and manage these potential heart problems, to ensure that cancer patients are treated with the ‘bests available’ cancer treatments. The Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network will serve to bring health care professionals together to discuss how we can optimize heart health while providing ‘state of the art’ cancer care. Education of both health care providers and the public will also be an important part of this initiative and collaboration.