The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is dedicated to increasing cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario.


We unite those who want to be active in the fight for cancer survivorship, drawing on their expertise and resources to fund the gaps between what can be done and what is being done to reduce suffering and death due to cancer in Eastern Ontario. We support cancer care and research to prevent, detect, diagnose and cure cancer.

Oncology Education is the everyday educational resource for oncology health care professionals. They provide key resources and updated information to support clinical practice and educational needs.  


Mission: To improve patient care through education Vision: To be the primary source of education and information resources for oncology professionals Values: Timely unbiased physician authored oncology education resources, and a global oncology community

Bengal Bijoux

Bengal Bijoux jewellery is lovingly designed and fashioned by Toni Miller. She creates individual, unique expressions―borne out of her personal passion for distinctive pieces, expertly and carefully crafted.


Bengal Bijoux jewellery lets you enjoy your timeless investment while you build an enviable legacy for future generations. Crafted mainly from semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals and fine metals, Toni Miller’s creations also feature vintage elements (NOS – New Old Stock that has been carefully stored but never used) mixed with modern elements to create the luxurious look that Bengal Bijoux fans love. The limitless elegance of Bengal Bijoux is drawn from Toni’s extensive design background. From functional and fashionable interiors and gardens to world-class garments, Toni’s journey has coloured her creative brilliance. Her pieces are infused with the worldly glamour of her extensive travels, from tropical spice markets to the inspiring worlds of European fashion. Toni produces only the very best. She employs the same business acumen and intricate attention to detail that resulted in her being twice nominated Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year under the Quality category.

Canadian Cancer Survivor Network

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network was created by a group of Canadians concerned about cancer.


CCSN's mission Empower collaborative action by cancer patients, families and communities to identify and work to remove barriers to optimal patient care. Ensure that cancer survivors have access to education and action opportunities to have their voices heard in planning and implementing an optimal health care system. Educate the public and policy makers about the financial, emotional and health costs of cancer and offer considered, positive ideas and recommendations to alleviate their effects. Research and encourage research on ways to alleviate barriers to optimal patient care and follow-up. CCSN's vision The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network will work to ensure that: Patients and survivors will easily access tools to understand decision making processes for positive change on issues critical to optimal patient care. Patients and survivors will be supported to make a difference through working with others to take action on those issues. Patients and survivors will obtain current knowledge about cancer treatment, options, and outcomes and be able to work together to end disparities in patient care and treatment. A network of patients, survivors, friends, families, community partners and sponsors will work together taking action to promote the very best standard of care, support, follow up and quality of life for patients and survivors. Contact:

International CardiOncology Society North America

Taking Survival To Heart. Bringing Cardiologists & Oncologists together to improve medicine and save lives.

All in Cancer

All in Cancer (AlinC) is a secure website that allows cancer care providers and trainees to link together. We encourage those interested to join our free network.


Our Mission Statement: As networking and mentorship are invaluable to medicine and advancements in the field of oncology, All in Cancer (AlinC) was developed to improve mentorship connections, provide leadership skills resources and improve connection amongst oncologists through an online and secure networking platform. We encourage you to join the largest online networking forum for medical, radiation, surgical, hematological oncologists and those in training in Canada. Happy Networking! Our Goals are to: Provide a platform where members can communicate with each other through private message or discussion forum Provide resources to encourage and facilitate mentorship amongst oncologists Notify members about new fellowships, jobs, and leadership opportunities Notify members about upcoming cancer and leadership conferences

Women in Cancer

As collaboration and mentorship are invaluable to medicine and advancements in the field of oncology,Women in Cancer (WinC) was conceived as a way for physicians and physicians-in-training to connect and collaborate with one another.


Vision Statement: Connecting today, leading tomorrow:Women in Cancer (WinC) is committed to advancing cancer care by encouraging the growth, leadership, and connectivity of current and future oncologists. Our Goals are to: provide a networking forum for physicians who treat cancer patients. provide resources for development of leadership skills for physicians. provide a forum for research collaboration and career mentorship amongst physicians.

Cancer Knowledge Network

Being well informed is essential when making conscious choices about cancer.  CKN is committed to distilling first-rate medical research into practical narratives designed to improve the quality of life of those living with cancer and their medical teams.


The CKN approach to living with cancer is unique:  while supporting studies that speak to the power that personal connections hold in the healing process, we deliver relevantnarratives addressing topics that are less acknowledged in mainstream cancer culture – written by both professionals and experienced lay people.  Our mission is to inform our readers in practical ways so that they are able to make solid, conscious choices in their day to day living and improve their quality of life in the process.

Kiwanis Ottawa

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is one of the most active and dynamic service clubs in the world. With 150 members from the private, public and voluntary sectors, the Club has a focus on community service projects for children and youth including the Kiwanis Read-a-thon, the Kiwanis Music Festival and mentoring with CadetsCircle K and Key Clubs.


These projects require thousands of volunteer hours from Club members, and the Club spearheads a number of high profile fund raising events to help fund these projects. The Club is one of over 16,000 Clubs in Kiwanis International. Click here for a quick fact sheet on Kiwanis.

nineSixteen Creative Inc.

Working with CCON since February 2013, nineSixteen is responsible for the development of CCON's brand identity, website and collateral, and works with CCON to develop and strategize its marketing initiatives.


nineSixteen is a creative design firm that is deeply passionate about brand identity, print, web, exhibition and packaging design. Over the past 10 years, by creating highly impactful and visually stunning design work, we’ve built a list of over 150 clients, including medical and educational institutions, businesses and government offices. Using an innovative and thorough creative process — inspired by product design methodology — we ensure that target audiences are always a primary focus and that visual messages are always delivered clearly, effectively and consistently, no matter the medium used. This approach, along with our almost-annoying attention to detail and quality and our easy-going, approachable manner, has made nineSixteen a highly reputed (and highly repeated) design firm of choice.