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The Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network was established in 2011 to bring together healthcare professionals interested in understanding how cancer therapies impact cardiac health.

Registration for the 4th Annual CCON Conference is now open!

The 4th Annual CCON Conference will take place on May 8-9, 2014. We are now accepting abstracts and conference registration is open. This year's Conference will feature the latest research and clinical guidelines in the multidisciplinary field of cardiac oncology.Register

Call for Papers:
Journal of Oncology Special Issue

Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease: The Complex Labyrinth. Guest Editors: Susan Dent, Peter Liu, Christine Brezden-Masley, Daniel Lenihan. Manuscript Due: 27/06/2014. Publication Date: 14/11/2014. www.hindawi.com/journalCall for Papers Instructions



At CCON, our long-term vision is to optimize cardiac care for cancer patients receiving potentially cardiotoxic therapies.


To gain a better understanding of cardiac complications of oncology treatments.

To develop early detection and intervention strategies to optimize cardiac health.

To optimize patient outcomes by collaborating with allied healthcare professionals.

A Message from Dr. Susan Dent


Welcome to the Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network! I hope you find this cardiac oncology virtual network helpful. We have made great strides in the treatment of cancer over the last decade. An increasing number of individuals are surviving a cancer diagnosis with the expectation of experiencing a good quality of life.