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Global Cardio-Oncology Summit<br/><span>October 15-16, 2015</span><span>The 4th CCON Conference Hosted</span><br />Over 90 International Delegates<span>Cure Cancer</span><br />Save Hearts<span>Ottawa Cardiac Oncology Program</span><br />Wins CQCO Innovation Award<span>Doing Research</span><br />with Greater Understanding<span>Sharing Knowledge</span><br />for Better Patient Care<span>Helping Professionals</span><br />Stay Connected

The Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network was established in 2011 to bring together healthcare professionals interested in understanding how cancer therapies impact cardiac health.


Global Cardio-Oncology Summit

Global Cardio-Oncology Summit
October 15-16, 2015

The Hilton Nashville Downtown
121 4th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37201 United States


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International CardiOncology Society North America

"Taking Survival To Heart" Bringing Cardiologists & Oncologists together to improve medicine and save lives.


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All in Cancer & Women in Cancer

All in Cancer (AinC) is a secure website that allows cancer care providers and trainees to link together.
Women in Cancer: Connecting today, leading tomorrow. WINC is committed to advancing cancer care by encouraging the growth, leadership, and connectivity of oncologists.http://www.womenincancer.org/



At CCON, our long-term vision is to optimize cardiac care for cancer patients receiving potentially cardiotoxic therapies.


To gain a better understanding of cardiac complications of oncology treatments.

To develop early detection and intervention strategies to optimize cardiac health.

To optimize patient outcomes by collaborating with allied healthcare professionals.

A Message from Dr. Susan Dent


Welcome to the Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network! I hope you find this cardiac oncology virtual network helpful. We have made great strides in the treatment of cancer over the last decade. An increasing number of individuals are surviving a cancer diagnosis with the expectation of experiencing a good quality of life.